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A fresh branding approach with nods to traditional printing techniques for a Network new development


To develop the identity and marketing for a new apartment block in Brent, North London.

Located on Press Road, the area has a longstanding history with printing, but in recent years unattractive buildings and a bad reputation had overshadowed this. Our job was to develop a fresh identity that would reinforce all the positive aspects about the new development and the location.

Client: Network Homes
Services: Digital, print, branding
SECTOR: Home Builders


The name ‘PRINTWORKS’ was born from the heritage of the site being an old Press House. In a nod to traditional printing techniques, we designed a logo that combined craftsmanship and intricacy with contemporary boldness.

The logo symbol was developed to be flexible and responsive with endless possibilities of colour combinations. Not only did this work well with the Network Homes colour palette but it also enabled us to play to a wide range of audiences – toning up and down the messaging as required.

The neighbourhood of the development is eclectic and diverse, and the colour and texture of the identity reflects this vibrant community. Bold and confident, the branding has great standout and worked well to reach a broad audience. Our marketing activity included site signage, brochures, adverts, Rightmove banners and content for social channels. The flexible design allowed us to create content quickly yet effectively.


Our main challenge came with delays with the build progress that caused lags in launch. This meant the teams on both sides had to keep coming back to the project after some time had lapsed.

However, through regular updates and reviews we were able to keep communication lines open and maintain good relationships between teams.

The delays also meant the hoarding line changed multiple times – but again the good relationship between all parties, including suppliers, meant we were flexible enough to accommodate the changes needed and worked to quick turnaround times to get elements ready for the launch.

The end result was a successful launch and well received development.

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