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A fresh new look at a property brand


Reimagining the approach and connecting buyers to a new development struggling to make sales.

Wexham Green was initially launched back in Spring 2017 but by November that year, only three homes had been sold with a large number of stock plots being left available on the development. Slough Urban Renewal (SUR) and Lovell invited Medicine Man in to help turn this around – with our primary objective to identify and excite potential buyers to increase the quality of the database and visits to site.

Client: Lovell
Services: Digital, print


To connect with buyers, we needed to go back to their decision making process, understand their lifestyles and emotional aspects that influence the choices.

After reviewing the current collateral, researching the area and looking at the homes available, we identified three key buyer profiles along with locations to target. We realigned the sentiment and proposition statement and created a messaging strategy to fit the audiences.

As purchasing a new home is such an emotive decision, Medicine Man set out to evolve the existing brand language and create content that would better resonate with each target audience. It was critical that the new marketing and creative direction encouraged buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the lifestyles depicted through the visual language, the campaigns needed to connect authentically with an honest and attainable feel.

Our team introduced a supporting hand written typeface and a complementary warmer yellow colour to give a more personal approach and used imagery to further elevate the story.

Our marketing strategy was two fold – firstly getting people onto the database, and secondly keeping potential buyers engaged with relevant content throughout the lifecycle of their journey. As part of this, we created a standalone website (with CMS) that became the main hub for not only telling the story and displaying availability but tracking the results of our marketing activity. Our campaigns consisted of a mix of traditional print adverting (inc ads, site signage and station media) and digital (PPC, display ads, Rightmove banners and e-shots) all supported by PR and social. Working closely with the sales teams, we were able to turn ideas around quickly and target specific tricky plots or push incentives.


Since we took over the marketing in February 2018, we helped contribute to exceeding the anticipated sales rate of 2 homes a month to 3.8 homes. Wexham Green has now sold 90% of its homes with only a handful remaining.

Medicine Man’s integrated approach connecting our digital, creative, PR and marketing teams proved critical to the success of this project. It allowed our account managers to remain agile and reactive and having the visibility across all marketing activity resulted in fast and cost effective turnaround times. The client also benefited from regular database and trackable results against all marketing to help measure its success.

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