Eurest – Did we make you smile?

A vibrant campaign to encourage consumer feedback


Keep the conversation going.

In today’s customer centric world, the voice of the customer has never been more important. Feedback programmes are an essential part of any service industry.

Did We Make You Smile is a customer feedback programme operating within Eurest workplace catering facilities (from small cafes to large restaurants). Previous campaigns have always focused on an incentive based, standalone scheme which quickly result in audience fatigue and declining results.

AIM of the Project

Our challenge was to help breath new life into the DWMYS programme – getting customers to think differently about giving feedback and encouraging them to want to do so without the use of an incentive.

Client: Eurest
Services: Campaign
Sector Retail


Our big idea was based around the question: how can we keep the conversation going?

Our creative approach set-out to establish a look and feel that echoed our strategy to encourage ‘conversations’. Our first task was to rebrand the existing scheme logo, retaining the friendly tone but refreshing and simplifying the brand mark. We then developed a bold and fresh colour palette tying in ingredients and making food fun as part of the brand language. The creative was designed to be flexible and adaptable for future seasonal updates, making it cost effective to keep fresh. We set up twitter as well as digital screens which enabled staff to pose direct questions to customers to encourage feedback on a particular element (ie ‘tell us about our new Hydration Station flavours’).

To support, we created user guides for staff to ensure they knew exactly how to operate the programme and what they were expected to do with initial set up and ongoing interpretation of results.


The campaign was a great success, with a more direct messaging system and confident look and feel that set out to be noticed.

From campaign posters, table talkers, feedback forms to interactive digital touch screens, the overall campaign received great feedback which continues to help units build great consumer insight and experience.

The campaign so far has been a success with over 43,000 responses in the first year with over 600 units now signed up to the programme