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Brief / Challange

Eurest have been operating workplace catering for the last 70 years and are continually looking at ways to develop their food offers to keep them fresh and exciting, with choice and variation for consumers.

However it was becoming apparent that the vision for these offers were not always being translated correctly at unit level (or not being done at all) and, as a result, not creating the impact or driving the sales intended.


To create a central implementation guide to support units in understanding what, why, when and how offers should be executed, as well as marketed, to help improve execution and grow sales

Client: Eurest
Services: Print, magazine, internal comms
Sector: Food


GROW implementation guide was born out of a need to get back to basics. Insight was showing that across the board, the inconsistencies in the way the offers were executed was mainly down to a lack of understanding, or a view that they were too difficult to do. All current communication was fragmented with no one reference point that meant things often got missed.

Working with the Eurest team, we set about trying to improve this communication with a guide that housed everything in one place. The content was split into categories with a calendar overview giving units full visibility of what was coming up over the quarter with time to plan. The guides include reasoning behind each activity, ‘how to’, equipment requirements alongside helpful hints and tips, POS and selling strategies.

Our main aim was to make the document as user friendly as possible and create a piece that units would want to read and continually use. From the Eurest brand guidelines, we adapted the style to create a language that would motivate and educate without patronising. Imagery played a key role – not only with the counter shots showing specific layouts but product and ingredients shots to inspire the teams and engage them further.

Due to the positive uptake of the magazine, later editions also included news, trends and feature articles as well as feedback on how the well the promotions and offers are received.


GROW is still an evolving tool.

Starting off initially as a monthly guide, then bi-monthly before settling on a quarterly, it’s now in its 21st edition and still going strong – but as always, there is so much still to be done with it. Although currently the printed format is proving most effective (alongside briefing webinars), we are looking at ways to create ‘how to’ videos alongside to really bring the offer to life.

Additionally Grow is also now seen as an invaluable sales and retention tool with teams using it to speak to both current and prospective clients, showing the breadth of the offer and levels of service provided.