Lovell – HeathFarm

An invitation to Norfolk's unspoiled countryside


Medicine Man was tasked to create a digital presence which not only brought the key selling points to the forefront, but also depicted the idyllic lifestyle to encourage people to make the move to Norfolk.

Heath Farm is a unique collection of beautifully crafted 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom houses and bungalows, located in the lovely town of Holt, Norfolk. Whilst local demand in the local area was fairly strong, Lovell wanted to target a wider audience and attract those buyers from outside the area after a different pace of life. And to give buyers a further incentive, they had teamed up with award-winning British Gypsum to implement innovative design features into the build (such as silent floors and super strength plasterboard) which vastly improve the quality of new build homes.

Client: Lovell
Services: Digital
SECTOR: Home Builders


We adapted and extended the development’s brand, bringing it to digital platforms with all its original qualities and a much improved and considered structure.

Having a pre-existing brand for the development, the first task was to extend the visual language to digital. Our studio dedicated time into expanding the original colour palettes with the aim to gain more flexibility for the UI design stage. We brought some fainter colours to bridge from one main colour to another, and some neutral colours to act as backgrounds. Several combinations were tested and the most approximate was selected, always keeping in mind that the goal was to choose the closest to the original colour range.

Fonts were the next step. From the original guidelines only Open Sans was available as a web font, it was the secondary font, for body copy. The main serif font, that was used in the logo and headlines on print material, wasn’t compatible with digital applications. Replacing it took a few iterations as well, but the one that kept the most similarity to the original was Volkhov.

When selecting colours and fonts for a brand many factors come into place. In some instances, when a brand is developed, designers consider not only print applications but web, apps, video and other digital applications as well. This case being a rare exception, where branding was initially already developed, situated MedicineMan in an exercise of looking back at the existing work and developing something that was as truthful as possible to the original idea whilst experimenting with how to apply it to new platforms, with extended colours, new photography and assets.

The above and below is an exercise that shows how the combination of all elements, old and new, remains honest to the initial ideas. Despite having changed some of the building elements, the brand look and feel remains the same. The language still conveys the countryside touch, the soft and clean aesthetics and the references to Norfolk fields and beaches. The only difference is that now the brand is more flexible and adaptable to any digital platform, able to reach further. Refined and stronger.


A visually inviting website to reach diverse audiences, capturing the bucolic outdoors and lifestyle that Norfolk has to offer.

The resulting website captures the rural and unspoiled essence of Norfolk, compelling potential buyers to make the move to such beautiful part of the UK. Imagery takes a central role on the site’s journey. A very visual storytelling with a variety of galleries and videos, flexible and customisable spaces for promotions, maps with amenities locations and downloadable assets.

All encapsulated on a very user friendly structure, that encourages navigation and discovery. The site has soft and warm feel with a very distinctive use of greens and greys that make the brand more welcoming and inviting, whilst the elaborated and modern layouts create a more memorable and distinctive experience.

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