Keepmoat – Cable Wharf

Creating an inspiring new homes brand for a landmark development



MedicineMan was approached to help design, position and market Keepmoat’s flagship development, focusing on the clients core drive to help get people onto the property ladder (70% of their open market homes are sold to first time buyers and 74% of buyers are under 35 years old).

The new homes strategy was to build upon these facts. The sentiment Power of Possibilities was created with the aim to inspire evoking emotions to align buyers closely with the feeling of empowerment and expression. The team went on to explore a visual language that would help communicate a sense of independence, a place buyers can see themselves and enable them to picture the future vision of the development.

Client: Keepmoat
Services: Branding, Campaigns, Website

Our Approach

Looking to the future.

Our name and logo drew inspiration from the industrial history of the site as well as its prime river location. Our creative team explored ways to unify these old stories with the newer, yet-to-be-told ones – representing the pioneering and proud heritage of W.T Henley alongside a new inspired future on the iconic River Thames. The Cable Wharf logo encapsulates soft curvature shapes, created by cooper wiring and water movement, to form a contemporary symbol to appeal to an aspirational and lifestyle-driven target audience.

The awareness and promotional marketing assets were further complemented by a straightforward tone of voice and use of bold, energetic visual language supported with aspiring lifestyle imagery. This helped breathe life back into the long-forgotten area, creating excitement and anticipation for what was to come.

Creating a digital presence

MedicineMan’s creative team worked in close partnership with Keepmoat’s in-house digital teams from an early stage. Keepmoat traditionally build all their new homes developments within their main website, but as Cable Wharf was a flagship development, it was essential to create a more tailored experience for the prospective buyers.

We implemented a clear creative direction and user experience front end design for a standalone website to fit within their own build platform and CRM system (which kept the customer journey smooth). The strategy further enhanced the home buying experience, with extended narrative and context adding richness to the decision-making process. We continue to work with Keepmoat’s sales and marketing teams, generating ideas and content for print, digital and social channels (inc video) to keep the message fresh and engaging.

Continuing the consistent messaging, the social channels started to share information about critical stages and build upon the future vision of the upcoming area as a destination of choice. This was pushed out through a series of mini videos and supported by local photoshoots and drone footage.


By collaborating with the interior designers, signage contractors and the appointed Housing Association, we’ve ensured a consist brand identity and messaging across all sales assets to create a seamless brand finish and customer experience.

Launching the development during Covid ’19 times was an interesting challenge (!) but it showed the importance of getting the right message across the right channels – creating the awareness but also keeping buyers educated and informed about what to expect.

Working with the team at Medicine Man has been a breeze. Their superior organisation and planning skills have kept our project on tract from day one. Even with an unprecedented pandemic cropping up! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with their creative minds to create our stunning flagship development and complete marketing strategy. Being able to bounce ideas off them regularly as well as being able to integrate them with other suppliers has made my life a lot easier. Without them I simply don’t think our campaign would have had the success it has done.

Georgie Pover

Senior Marketing Manager, Keepmoat Homes