Construction Webinar Series – Medicine Man x Construction Week U.K.

Over the past few weeks, Medicine Man have run a series of webinars in partnership with Construction Week UK. We have focused on the three factors that determine post-Covid recovery, the speed of future growth, and how businesses can capitalise on profit-making potential.

These three factors are:

1. Having a clear business vision.

Have you put in place a strategic plan, aligning your core capabilities with the needs of the current and future market place? What does your business excel at and what makes its offer different from the competition? Unique and unrivalled business stories need to be told in the best way possible – it’s what sets you apart from the competition and should feature everywhere from your website and hoarding to onboarding literature and brochures.

2. Understanding where value lies for your customers and your people.

In the months ahead, nurturing and building relationships will be as important and winning new projects. Research your customers and your people to find out exactly how they view your business and identify where future opportunities may lie. The value of your business is where your customers and your people decide it is, so make sure you know!

3. Having a marketing communications plan to reach your customer and your people.

Communicating to your people what’s needed and the plan going forward is as important as reaching out to existing and new clients to signal that the business is open, mobilised and on site again. Most of us have gone through survival mode, and will now be looking outwardly both to assess market confidence and determine how the competition is faring, at the same time as working hard to mobilise our businesses and get back on track as quickly as possible – possibly with a reduced team. Communicating effectively has never been so crucial!

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