Compass – UEL food retail bid proposal

East London Eats


Create a unique food retail brand proposal.

As part of a bid proposal, Medicine Man was asked to create an overarching proposition for the catering offer at UEL that enhances the overall students’ experience by creating communities through food. To develop a brand and identity for the space with supporting collateral inc sub brand logos, wall graphics, packaging options and food serving suggestions to help build student advocacy

Services: Proposition, Branding, Design


Creating a unique experience that is familiar yet individual from place to place.

As one of the most diverse universities in the UK, with students and researchers from over 120 countries, we wanted to create a common thread to unite everyone together and that we would form the basis of our creative routes from. After much discussion, we agreed on the idea of ‘ a sense of place’ – celebrating the fun, vibrant, colourful and dynamic nature of the evolving East London landscape – and created the brand name ‘East London Eats’ – using the place itself as the backdrop for all things great and ‘eats’ as the action of all coming together.

UEL (and East London in general) is a melting pot of people, cultures, ideas and influences and our logo was inspired by this. We created a typographic lockup to work effectively in any colour and used different fonts to represent the areas pride in diversity, taste and community.

Combining an energetic colour palette with dynamic shapes we developed a look and feel that tried to encapsulate these disparate and often quirky influences. Clashes of colour and shapes combine to create artwork that is unique but also clearly part of the same family.

The sub brands – Cockney Wings, Bean Box, Trader, The Mills, The Exchange, The Merchant, The Harbour and The Pump House – were all influenced by the East London food scene. Street food, artisan bakeries, fried chicken, fish and chips… it’s all going on! These sub brand designs evolved from a unique collection of house typefaces, colours, shapes and finishes, creating individual identities but united by the common East London Eats thread. This was further enhanced through mock ups of a range of collateral including restaurant counters, signage, aprons, Point of Sale material and wall graphics


Our final deliverable was a 36 page document that was included as part of the bid proposal submission. It detailed a summary of all our research findings, thinking and rationale behind our creative as well as mock up examples to bring it all to life.

As with all tenders, time was of the essence! But by working closely with all parties to establish the brief at the beginning, and continuing the dialogue throughout, we were able to turn the project around within 2 weeks.

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