Porteus Pods

A transforming new identity and website for a promising new bathroom pods manufacturer


Medicine Man was asked to help build a fresh new identity to move the business forward.

PORTEUS is a relatively new bathroom pod manufacturer that over the past three years has been transformed from a ‘start-up’ manufacturing business to a fully functional production line, capable of generating 2000 bathrooms a year. As the production capacity has increased so has the need for promoting the business.

Medicine Man was asked to help build a fresh new identity that would reflect this step change and give the stand out required to drive the business forward.

Client: Porteus
Services: Digital, print, branding
SECTOR: Construction


PORTEUS needed a confident identity that reflected their unique proposition. In a market where most bathroom pod manufacturers focus on modularity and catalogue sales, PORTEUS differentiates itself by offering truly bespoke solutions for each client.

Prefabricated pods have been used as a construction solution for a good few years, although the early iterations were somewhat troublesome. Needing repairs and adjustments after installation negated the cost benefits of offsite production and gave the sector a bad reputation. These days the majority of manufacturers have addressed this but production quality and attention to detail have become paramount, and this is an area where PORTEUS really excels.

When designing the identity, our ambition was to create a simple and clean logo that embodied the importance of the quality end product. We combined well balanced, clean and considered spaces with chiselled letter ends and transitions from heavy to thin lines. These additional details, that only become apparent at closer inspection, helped create a nice flow and harmonious composition.

Our main focus was to build a visual language that reflected the quality of the product and the attention to detail of the manufacture. Bold and daring typography, dominating dark greens and blues and hard composition lines all create a strong contrast with the detail of metallic and refined faucets, soft towels and organic touches. Giving a soft edge to the cold rugged rock surfaces.

We commissioned CGI renders of bathrooms to achieve the distinct and special visual the project needed. Thanks to our experience in construction, we had the perfect partner to produce CGI images at the level of quality required. We knew that with the correct art direction, the results would really bring the brand to life.

The website was developed once we had the basic elements were in place – a solid identity, fonts, colours and quality visuals. Our main objective for the site was to structure the brand proposition and present it with clarity on the home page. We reduced the amount of secondary pages and content to further simplify the site, ensuring that visitors could effectively read what they needed in one visit and not spend more than 10-15 minutes. We believe that by doing this, the visitors leave with a sense of completion and know that they haven’t missed any important detail, which helps towards building brand trust


We engaged Medicine Man to rebrand and position Porteus in the UK & Ireland market of off-site manufactured bathroom pods to better reflect our quality product and service offering. A total rebrand with new website and marketing collateral was completed to an extremely tight programme and hit all the right notes for the direction we wanted the brand to be communicating.

Website traffic has increased ten-fold and most importantly, inbound enquiries and requests for tenders have increased, which can be seen as a direct result of the marketing plan and improved brand image and awareness.

Achieving the above objectives, coupled with a good understanding of the construction market, Porteus would not hesitate to recommend Medicine Man for any marketing, branding and strategy requirements.

David Shannon
PORTEUS, General Manager