Transforming the look, feel and language of the world’s largest food services business


The power of a good story should never be underestimated.

For the last 70 years, Eurest (B&I sector of Compass Group) have been successful market leaders in contract catering, but they realised times were changing. Smaller family run competitors were treading on their toes with a more personable ‘local’ approach that resonated better with today’s more discerning clients.

Eurest was starting to look too corporate and impersonal. Their story wasn’t being articulated clearly and their people lacked the tools to communicate it; the ‘we’re the biggest and best’ line wasn’t cutting it anymore. They needed to listen actively to their clients and transform their needs into an actionable strategy.

Aim of the Project

How could we help re-energise and revitalise a corporate giant and change the perception not only in the marketplace, but internally as well?

Client: Eurest
Services: Branding, website, campaigns
Sector Food, Business & Industry


For a brand to work from the outside, it has to be understood from the inside first.

Our initial approach was about ‘getting back to basics’ – what did Eurest stand for, where did it fit in the marketplace and what did it want to be known for. Working alongside the Eurest marketing, sales and retention team, we affirmed the brand strategy as ‘what’s important to you’ – keeping the client at the heart of everything and focusing their story on this core value.

Brand refresh

Steering away from the ‘corporate giant’ we shifted the existing brand towards a more humanised and personable presence, devised a conversational and memorable tone of voice and evolved the look and feel of the brand. We revitalised the entire brand and visual language and introduced a range of playful and energetic abstract visuals to help create a unique point of difference.


By introducing a standalone web presence (previously they only featured within the main Compass Group site) it gave Eurest a platform to independently express and reach out to their audiences directly. We created meaningful copy that addressed the clients’ interests and concerns (What’s Important To You) and set it within an organic, playful yet intelligent look and feel, further cementing the personable approach outlined in our strategy.

Brand refresh

Clients choose to work with Eurest because they are experts. They are responsible, innovative and efficient: a business that listens first before delivering the right solution. To articulate this story, we put together bid packs and supporting sales collateral that were direct and confident, easy to understand and read.

To support the new launch, we applied the new brand approach across the entire estate of touch points from merchandise and digital application, best practise templates, both internal and external, through to all consumer POS sales and promotional campaigns to give a joined up brand story

Employee comms

From the chefs who make it all happen to the executive teams, business success hinges on people. And a consistent, clear and concise communication underpins any future achievement.

We created a common ground and a common voice for everyone at Eurest with a clear message that is simple to understand, follow and identify with in order to build advocacy and trust. Our introduction of the new brighter and fresh colour pallets combined with the use of playful typography helped support a softer, familiar approach encouraging greater engagement and participation.


Originally intended for the UK market, the Eurest brand has subsequently been rolled out to 5 other European countries with more in the pipeline.

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