BBC – Campaigns

Reaching out to global audiences via B2b digital and DM marketing campaigns.


Working with BBC global to deliver highly targeted campaigns.

Sitting at the leading edge of broadcasting, BBC World News and deliver the corporation’s commercial services across the globe. Their strength lies not only in their outstanding global client base, but in their abilities as a leader in media technology and innovation.

We were approached to help deliver revenue generating advertising sales/incentive programs with the use of highly targeted campaigns aimed across their global client base.


To build upon the BBC’s reputation for excellence, to promote their unique content and generate a stream of enquiries from international media buyers.

Client: BBC
Services: Campaign, Print
Sector Broadcasting


Enhancing the brand strengths with the use of compelling images and innovative ideas


In order to reach a large and globally varied audience we designed an EDM template that could be easily adapted to convey a number of different messages including: updates, news, innovation, and new product launches.

Print Advertisements

Focusing on technology, connectivity and innovation we developed advertorial campaigns supported by confident factual headlines to convey the unique BBC offer.


Maintaining relationships and loyalty with the international media buying agencies is a vital part of the strategy for BBC global ongoing success. One of our initiatives focused on their London based agencies; we came up with the idea for a giant oversize advent calendar stuffed with delicious chocolate gifts as a thank you for their continued business. The calendars were left visible in reception areas to create impact, theatre and fun throughout the month of December. As you might imagine these were a genuine hit!


Delivering impactful digital, print and physical attention getters

Measuring success with comprehensive metrics we were able to deliver industry leading open and click through rates for our EDM campaigns. Our gifts and incentives have generated enormous good will for the corporation in a challenging time for the international media buying industry.