Why some construction websites work better than others…

A good website must clearly state your company’s value proposition in terms of meeting the needs of both your target customers and those of your internal teams’.

Visitors to your website judge the quality of your business, its suitability to them, and they feel about it in general within seconds.

Two recent examples Kori construction and Quinn London both working in differing areas of the contracting world needed to pinpoint their points of difference, convey the quality of their work, provide a feel for the sectors that they operate within and standout.

Critical to engaging both new and existing customers is your ability to demonstrate that you understand what your customers’ needs are and what they want, as well as also signalling a strong cultural ethos to your people and new recruits.

Stating what you do, your equipment, and the size of your business is a good starting point, but it’s all about your business, not your customers. Every day as consumers we pick and choose what we eat, buy, where holiday and how we spend our money by what we are being told and its importance to us. The construction industry is no different.

The real opportunity to stand out from the majority of competitors by pinpoint your businesses compelling proposition still remains.

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