Eating out is the new eating in

Micro restaurants are here and they’re brilliant. If any of you have tried them, I’m certain you’ll agree. Spitalfields Market Shoreditch plays host to fabulously mouth-wateringly tasty foodies’ favourites in a neat 3 x 4 back to back, cheek by jowl arrangement under the historic marketplace’s canopy. You can browse sushi, tapas, seafood, beef specialities and more all within seconds. One up from ‘Box Park’, with the benefit of a great setting and the buzz of a venue that’s open till late.

Most of the micro-restaurants promise big ticket flavours at a sensible price, run by entrepreneurial small teams with an eye for excellence and making the big time. It’s a great concept and a one up for the ‘street food’ bazaars that many of us have come to depend upon to break up lunch time meal deal monotony, let’s hope the unique qualities prevail and the chains are held back. 

Try them when you can, I’ve now managed to eat at most and keep coming back time and time again, and as the queues testify there’s something magical happening here – perhaps the shot in the arm that many jaded city centres and high streets could do with?